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Franck Pourcel

Franck Pourcel
Rođen: 11.08.1913.
(Marseille, FRA)
Umro: 12.11.2000.

Born in Marseille, Pourcels father started to teach him music at the age of six.
Later Pourcel studied violin at the Conservatoire in Marseille, led several jazz ensembles, including the French Fiddlers, and spent a year in Paris at the Conservatoire.
By 1931 he was working as a violinist at the Thtre des Varits in Marseille, marrying Odette eight years later.
He then became the musical director for Yves Montand and Lucienne Boyer, with whom he went on a world tour.
He emigrated to the United States in 1952, but returned to France the following year to record Blue Tango and the follow up Limelight.
In 1954 Poucel recorded his first album on the Path-Marconi record label, with whom he would record a total of nine albums in a three year period.
In 1956 he recorded his version of Only You, which sold over one million copies by 1959, and was awarded a gold disc.
It peaked at #9 in the United States Billboard pop chart. Between 1956 and 1972 he was the conductor for France at the Eurovision Song Contest.
By 1958 Pourcel commenced recording classical music. His series of Pages Clebres led to him conduct the London Symphony Orchestra, The Society of Concerts for the Conservatoirte, The BBC Orchestra at the Royal Festival Hall, and the Lamoureux Orchestra at the Salle Pleyel in Paris.
In 1962 he co-composed with Paul Mauriat and Raymond Lefevre the hit, Chariot, which was recorded by Petula Clark and followed up by Peggy March as I Will Follow Him.
The song became the main theme for the film, Sister Act.
Pourcel recorded until 1995 with EMI. He died on 12 November 2000 in Neuilly-sur-Seine, at the age of 87, from Parkinsons disease.

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