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Giorgio Serafini

Giorgio Serafini
Rođen: 03.04.1962. Wikipedia
(Brussels, BEL)
Opis:Filmski redatelj

Giorgio Serafini was born in Brussels, Belgium, on April 3rd, 1962, from Italian parents.
At the age of nine, Giorgio co-directed two short shot in Super 8.

Without formal training in film school, Giorgio has always considered The Museum of Cinema of Brussels to have been his real teacher.
Giorgio wrote and directed his first semi-professional short, ˝The Nickelodeon Type˝ as he was completing his studies in Political Science and International Relations at the Université Libre de Belgique.

Meanwhile, Giorgio read and fell in love with a book by Gaetano Tumiati, ˝Prigionieri nel Texas˝.
It depicts the true story of Italian Prisoners of War in a camp located in Texas during WWII.
In December, 1989, he received the European Script Fund to develop a script about the Italian POW’s. Giorgio and producer, Nicole Labouverie, decided to use part of the money to produce a documentary on the topic: ˝The Walls of Sand˝.

That same year Giorgio and his friend, Kalindi Dighe, decided to co-direct an English speaking film titled ˝The Junkyard Angel˝.
Unfortunately, the shooting soon became a nightmare and the film is, to this date, unedited.
While filming, Giorgio met actress, France Demoulin.

He married her in June,1991. In December, 1991, Giorgio and France moved back to Rome to finally start production on ˝Blu Notte˝.
The film had a very limited budget but turned out to be an artsy, interesting piece.
While Giorgio was editing the movie, France delivered Laura Bodi Tess, their only daughter.

In 1994, producer, Massimo Civilotti, sent Giorgio to Los Angeles to close the co-producing deal for ˝Loveblind˝.
The deal was closed with Willy Baer’s company, Capella.
At the end of three months in L.A., Giorgio decided to move to the US. Capella was facing financial problems and ˝Loveblind˝ never took off.
Giorgio survived with small jobs writing and directing, including a promo film for Attorney General, Alexander Haigh.
One of those jobs was directing the feature movie ˝The Garbage Man˝ starring Frank Stallone.

Finally in summer, 2000, the long awaited project about Italian POWs in Texas was given the green-light.
When Italian TV-mogul, Guido De Angelis saw a screening of ˝Texas 46˝ and asked Giorgio to direct a project for Italian production company Titanus.
That’s how Giorgio became involved with directing the three seasons of the television series ˝Orgoglio˝ (Pride) for Italy’s first channel, RAI1.

Giorgio is now an American citizen.
He lives in Hollywood with his wife actress/writer LaDon Drummond.
Tragically his much beloved daughter, Laura, of thirteen years passed away on July, 11th, 2005.

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