Hanns Guenther

Hanns Guenther
Walther de Haas
Rođen: 1886
Umro: 1961
Opis:Njemaèki prevoditelj, autor i urednik znanstveno polularnih knjiga

Walter de Haas (1886–1969), who wrote under the pseudonym Hanns Günther was a prolific German author, translator, and editor of popular science books.

He began to publish books in 1912, including introductions to topics in electrical engineering under the Franckh‘schen Verlagshandlung imprint and popular science works in the same publisher’s Kosmos series.
His books remain exemplary for their combination of exactness and ease of understanding.

Today, his most important book is considered to be ½In a hundred years: the world’s future energy supply½ (In hundert Jahren - Die künftige Energieversorgung der Welt), which was published in 1931 for Franckh’s ½Friends of Nature Club½ (Gesellschaft der Naturfreunde).
In this book, he started by pointing out that humanity would one day run out of coal (he dismissed petroleum as a source of energy, because he felt that it would run out very quickly), and went on to discuss other possible sources of energy that could replace coal, including geothermal power (which already existed in Italy at the time the book was written), and other types of renewable energy that had not yet actually been used: the solar updraft tower, wave farms, and tidal power plants.

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