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James Edward Grant

James Edward Grant
Rođen: 02.07.1905. Wikipedia
(Chicago, IL, USA)
Umro: 19.02.1966.
Opis:Američki novelist,producent i redatelj

James Edward Grant (July 2, 1905 – February 19, 1966) was an American short story writer and screenwriter who contributed to more than fifty films between 1935 and 1971.
He collaborated with John Wayne on twelve projects, starting with Angel and the Badman (which he also directed) in 1947 through Circus World in 1964.
Support Your Local Gunfighter was released in 1971, five years after his death.
Born in Chicago, Grant was originally a journalist in his home town.
He wrote a novel Whipsaw which became a best seller in 1935; it was turned into a movie with Myrna Loy and launched his screenwriting career.

Grant wrote numerous short stories that were published in Argosy, The Saturday Evening Post, Cosmopolitan, and Liberty, among others.

He also wrote a play Plan M.

John Wayne called Grant ˝a dear friend˝
He had a great talent as a writer.
Jimmy was a short story writer.
Now a short story writer doesn’t have all the voluminous language that dulls a scene.
He had to make the dialogue give character to a person and progress the story, and that’s practically what Ford as a director did all the time.
Ford cut through the nuance and all that crap and got down to the basic story.
He put the nuance in with the camera.
Jimmy was a writer of the same type...
I knew Jimmy Grant for twenty years.
It’s very handy to have somebody like that.
You know with writers, you don’t have enough contact with them.

A chain smoker, Grant died from lung cancer in Burbank, California.

He owned a cattle ranch in Winton in Merced County from the 1940s until his death

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