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Jean Henri Casimir FABRE

Jean Henri Casimir FABRE
Rođen: 22.12.1823. Wikipedia
(Saint-Léons, FRA)
Umro: 11.10.1915.
Opis:Francuski entomolog

(December 22, 1823 - October 11, 1915)
French entomologist.
The son of a peasant, he became a teacher and scientist, publishing numerous textbooks.
He is remembered for his Souvenirs entomologiques (10 vols., 1879-1907), of which a best-selling selection was published in 1910 as La Vie des insectes.
Based on his observations and experiments in Provence, it describes in great detail the behaviour of insect species, showing the infinite variety of life in a few acres of land.
The flowery style and anthropomorphic presentation may raise a smile today, but the work is a treasure-house of precise observation.

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