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The Concert

AV građa, audio - CD Vrsta gradje
The Concert / Creedence Clearwater revival. -
[s.l.] : Fantasy, 1990. -
Materijalni opis
1 CD : stereo AAD ; 12 cm
Compact disc.
Orig. izdanje: Fantasy 1980.

John Fogerty, lead guitar, lead vocals, harp
Tom Fogerty, rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Stu Cook, bass, backing vocals
Doug Clifford, drums
Recorded in performance (January 31, 1970) at the Oakland Coliseum by Russ Gary
Digital remastering. George Horn (Fantasy studios, Berkeley)

If you like your bands to play live a faithful note for note reproduction of their albums then you’ll love this album. If you’re the type who likes a band to open up, change things around a bit and show some spontaneity in their live shows then this album is not for you.
Although, written over 3 years ago I have to take issue with previous reviewer kireviewer. A few things he/she said are simply untrue.

The reason Creedence didn’t allow their appearance at Woodstock to appear on the album or movie had nothing to do with money. Creedence came on late at night after the Grateful Dead had put everyone to sleep. Their set was filled with numerous technical difficulties. Fogerty, already sensing the future importance of the event, didn’t want Creedence’s legacy to be such a poor performance.

It has never been documentated in any way that there were issues within the band about the style of music they played. If Fogerty wanted the band to be a showcase for his songs, so what? The guy wrote about 13 top ten singles in a 3 year period. The album Mardi Gras proved that the songs from the other members of Creedence were not up to snuff.

John WAS an autocrat. You had to do things his way or take the highway. To say that he couldn’t get along with anybody is a bit unfair though.

Oh, by the way, as a reward for sticking with the band for ten years before Proud Mary hit John gave all the members a percentage of songwriting royalties for the first few albums even though they had absolutely nothing to do with writing any of the songs. Never heard Lennon or McCartney doing anything like that for Ringo.

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