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World Atlas of Tea [From the leaf to the cup, the world’s teas explored and enjoyed]

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World Atlas of Tea [From the leaf to the cup, the world’s teas explored and enjoyed] / Krisi Smith. -
London : Octopus Publishing, 2016.
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240 pages : illustr. ; 26 cm

The United States is the fourth largest global consumer of tea, with Canada following right behind.
Black tea is the most popular but green tea sales are growing rapidly -- more than 60 percent in ten years -- driven by its proven health benefits.
Specialty tea outlets are expected to double to nearly 8,000 by 2018 and an additional 40,000 coffee retailers are expected to generate more than 30 percent of their beverage sales from tea.

The World Atlas of Tea covers tea from the ground up, including why the soil in China makes different tea than the soil in India.
Tea mixologist Krisi Smith explains what a tea drinker needs to know to appreciate teas of all descriptions.
She follows tea from the plantation to harvesting and processing to how to make the perfect cup.
The book is illustrated throughout with beautiful color photographs taken in the field.

The contents are:

• Part 1 Tea Basics -- The Tea Plant; Varieties of tea; Altitude, climate and seasons; Harvesting and processing; The tea voyage
• Part 2 Tea Brewing and Drinking -- Tea-brewing basics; Tea tools; Buying, storing and tasting
• Part 3 Tea Blending -- Tisanes, herbal and fruit teas; Scenting, infusions and blending herbs; Blending tea at home; Blending for health; Tea mixology
• Part 4 The World of Tea -- Country profiles of China, Taiwan, Japan, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, East Africa.


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