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A to Z in Audio

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A to Z in Audio / G. A. Briggs. -
New York : Gernsback Library Inc., 1961. -
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224 str : ilustr. sheme tablice ; 22 cm

On a sunny Sunday afternoon in February 1960 (yes, we can have a fine day in February-even in Yorkshire) I was taking a stroll with an old friend of mine, Mr. E. E. Ladhams, when he suddenly stopped walking and said: You must bring out another book on audio: a sort of glossary which will answer most of the questions which puzzle the amateur, and outline some of the facts which even the experts may forget.
But, he continued, the book must be interesting, readable and spiced with humour.
I told my friend not to ask for the moon when the sun was shining.
Next day I mentioned the idea to Mr. Cooke, our Technical Editor, and within twenty-four hours he came through with a list of about 500 possible words and headings which might be dealt with.
This set the ball rolling, and here is the result of our efforts.
In order to keep within reasonable limits, the number of headings has been whittled down to about 400.
According to Mr. F. G. G. Carr, Director of National Maritime Insurance, Greenwich:
Copying from one book is clearly cribbing; copying from two is research; and if one can get somebody else to do the copying
this becomes a project.
I suppose I must admit that for me this book is a project, but when I totted up and examined the situation re illustrations, I was
~greeably surprised to find that out of 160 no less than 110 are original in the sense that they have been specially prepared for
this issue.
Sixteen are taken from outside sources, leaving only about thirty from other Wharfedale publications.
So the book is not just a Potage du Jour.
We should like to thank Mr. M. G. Foster of the Engineering Information Department of the B.B.C. for most useful assistance
on questions relating to radio and television; The Financial Times for furnishing valuable facts and figures, and finally our old friend
F. Keir Dawson for doing most of the drawings.


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