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Haruki Murakami and the music of words

Tekstualna građa, tiskana Vrsta gradje
Haruki Murakami and the music of words / Jay Rubin. -
London : Vintage, 2005. -
Materijalni opis
ix, 361 p. : port. ; 20 cm
Originally published: London: Harvill, 2002.
Includes bibliographical references and index.

This book is about 50% Rubin’s analysis of Murakami’s work, about 30% biographical, about 10% about the translation work and differences between Japanese and English, and about 10% ˝interview style˝ where we get a few inside details on The Man Himself. This much is true: Anyone expecting a lot of information about The Man Himself should be a little disappointed. The book bills itself as granting more info than it does. I suspect this is out of Rubin’s own deferrence to Murakami’s privacy. He treads delicately on the info of the author’s life in the biographical sections and when we do get a smattering of Murakami’s own words about himself (and it’s rare), it feels like nuggets culled from stray emails rather than from a sustained closeness of the translator to his author-friend. That’s a shame, but it doesn’t mar the book, which is a real resource for English readers without a real roadmap of his lesser works. Knowing which stories I need to seek out is so much easier, and understanding the significance of Murakami’s first two novels is much better illuminated than before

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