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Illustrated Conversation Book : Japan in English and Japanese

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Illustrated Conversation Book : Japan in English and Japanese / Comics Kiriko Kubo Illustrations Nachie Enomoto. -
[s.l.] : JTN Publishing : 2007. -
Materijalni opis
143 str. : ilustr. ; 22 cm.

This is a great phrasebook for English speaking people travelling to Japan, it is well laid out to show how to put your questions & meaning accross.
Similar to the ’Point and Speak’ series this is along the same line, with cartoon colour illustrations by famous illustrators Kiriko Kubo and Nachie Enomoto.
The book contains various topics, with each word in English, Katakana, Hiragana, Kanji and the phonetic pronunciation. Contents include Getting Started, Getting Out, Getting A Bite, Getting Things, Getting Some Fun, Getting Understood and Getting Proficient. Each chapter begins with a cartoon scenario to do with the topic and continues into mini chapters. This book is also very useful as it has pages on specific situations you may find yourself in, such as visiting a hot spring, sumo match, restaurant or inn with the language you may need or encounter.
The cover sleeve removes and has a Hiragana chart on the reverse. There is also a very useful vocabulary list and basic grammar section in the back of the book so you can understand a little about how sentences are formed and try some out for yourself.
As well as the picture element this book also contains useful insights into how Japan works, with tips and info on social elements, traditions and things you may see or hear.
A well rounded, popular book which is more of a fact and phrasebook than the simpler Point & Speak layout. We recommend this for people who want a deeper knowledge of Japan and have some confidence in attempting Japanese. 143 pages.

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