Piezoelectric Accelerometer and Vibration Preamplifier Handbook

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Piezoelectric Accelerometer and Vibration Preamplifier Handbook / Serridge BSc and Torben R. Licht Msc.. -
Second edition
Naerum : Bruel and Kjaer, 1987. -
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150 str : ilust., sheme, tablice ; 21 cm

Recent years have seen the rise of vibration problems associated with structures which are more delicate and intricate, and machines which are faster and more complex.
The problems have been coupled with demands for lower running costs and increased efficiency.
Concern has also arisen about the effects of noise and vibration on people and on the working lifetime of manufactured items.
Consequently, there has been a requirement for a greater understanding of the causes of vibration and the dynamic response of structures to vibratory forces.
To gain such an understanding an accurate, reliable and versatile vibration transducer is required.
In addition, advanced measurement and analysis equipment is often used.
However, both the versatility and capability of such equipment would be wasted without an accurate vibration signal from a reliable vibration transducer.
The piezoelectric accelerometer is the optimum choice of vibration transducer.
The extensive range of high performance measuring equipment now available can fully utilize the very wide frequency range and dynamic range offered by this type of vibration transducer.
This handbook is intended primarily as a practical guide to making accurate vibration measurements with BriJel&Kjaer piezoelectric accelerometers.

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