On stage-February, 1970

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On stage-February, 1970 / Elvis Presley. -
[s.l.] : Victor, 1970. -
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1 LP : stereo live 33 ; 30 cm
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On Stage˝ is Elvis’ second live album (following ˝Elvis in person: at the International Hotel, Las Vegas, NV˝).
The album was originally released in 1970 and was made up of 10 performances recorded in February of that year.
Elvis is top notch in both voice and energy on all 10 performances. In my opinion, he sounds better here than on the ˝An Afternoon at the Garden: 1972˝ .
˝On Stage˝ is essential because it is the only way to get most of these tracks (˝live˝ versions)on a single disc and although it does have that edited together feel, where you can tell that certain songs are either not from the same show or are placed differently, the performances are so good (Elvis doesn’t miss a word) you won’t care.
˝On Stage˝ is also refreshing because it was before Elvis started doing the quick versions of his old standards (˝Hound Dog˝, ˝All shook up˝, etc.). In fact, at one point some people from the crowd yell out ˝Do Jailhouse!˝ and Elvis turns them down politely, telling them that ˝it isnt in the program˝.
*The live performance of ˝Polk Salad Annie˝ has the beginning dialogue where Elvis begins with ˝Some of y’all haven’t been down South too much...˝
Some people might not care about this, but I did. Its a much better version than the Madison Square Garden performance. You can hear the Sweet Inspirations clapping and doing their ˝Chicka Booms˝ much more clear.
This version is remniscent of the performance he did in the 1970 ˝That’s the way it is˝ concert film. Outstanding! ˝Talk a little polk salad...˝

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