Goldfinger [Igrani film] : [James Bond]

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Goldfinger [Igrani film] : [James Bond] / [redatelj] Guy Hamilton ; [gl. uloge] Sean Connery, Gert Frobe, Honor Blackman...[et al.] ; prema romanu Iana Fleminga. -
Zagreb : Continental film, 2000, cop. 1964. -
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1 video DVD (106 min) : u bojama (PAL), sa zvukom (Dolby digital 5.1) ; 12 cm. -

˝Dr. No˝ and ˝From Russia With Love˝ are classics in their own rights, but ˝Goldfinger˝ really has it all.
A good villain, Bond-babes galore, lush locales, and Sean Connery at his best.
And it’s all done at a brisk, entertaining pace which never feels bloated in the way ˝Thunderball˝ did.

The classic moments in this film are too numerous to mention.
The babooshka-granny with the machine gun, death by gold paint, the tricked out Aston Martin, lasers to the groin, Odd Job and his odd haberdasheries...
This film has been referenced and spoofed so many times by so many lesser movies and shows that you’ll likely not be surprised even if it is your first time watching.

It’s all pulled off with such panache and style, it doesn’t feel cliched at all (plus, it pays to remember that it was all fresh and new when it premiered.) Goldfinger has the perfect mix of humor, violence, style, and cool.
The mix went out of whack with most Bond films after it, and the franchise (arguably) probably hasn’t returned to a good balance until ˝Casino Royale.˝

Anyway, it’s pretty nearly a perfect Bond movie.
Relentlessly entertaining, fun, exciting, and just darn good.

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