Abc’s of Hi-Fi and Stereo

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Abc’s of Hi-Fi and Stereo / Hans Fantel. -
Third edition first printing
Indianapolis ; Kansas City ; New York : Howard W. Sams and Co., 1974. -
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112 str : ilistr ; 22 cm. -
Index: str. 111

A detailed knowledge of electronics is not necessary to enjoy a high-fidelity system. However, a general idea of the basic principles of sound reproduction is invaluable in the selection, use, and maintenance of equipment.
In this book, these basic principles are introduced in an informal, nontechnical manner.
The nature of sound and the meaning of ˝high fidelity˝ are discussed first. Monaural, stereo, and four-channel systems are explained.
The relative merits of various types of equipment are compared and the requirements of the various parts of the sound system —amplifiers, turntables, tone arms, cartridges, tuners, speakers, record changers, tape players and recorders, and more are given.
Other chapters cover setting up your sound system and getting the most out of your investments. Helpful hints on selecting the system are included throughout the text.
abc’s of Hi-Fi and Stereo will help you understand what high-fidelity, stereo, and four-channel sound are all about.
It will help you in selecting the equipment best suited to your needs and tell you how to keep it in top operating condition.
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