Searching for Shangri-La [off the beaten track in Western China]

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Searching for Shangri-La [off the beaten track in Western China] / Laurence J. Brahm. -
Singapore : Marshall Cavendish Editions ; Tarrytown, N.Y. : Marshall Cavendish Corp., 2006. -
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181 p. : col. ill., map ; 22 cm. -
First published: Beijing : Higher Education Press, 2003.

Some say that Shangri-La can be found in sacred Tibet, or maybe in wild Qinghai.
They are others who say it can be found in artistic Yunnan.
Author Laurence J Brahm hitchhikes off the beaten track through western China, meeting monks, nomads, artists, rock and pop musicians, dancers, composers, environmentalists and living Buddhas, each searching for their own version of Shangri-La.
Shangri-La can be found in a cup of cafe latte or yak butter tea if you search carefully enough...
Laurence J Brahm is a lawyer and political economist by profession.
He has spent over two decades advising multinational corporations regarding their investments in China, and negotiating on their behalf.
He is a pioneer of culturally sustainable heritage restoration in Beijing, having helped conserve historic neighborhoods and sections of the Great Wall.
Author of numerous books on China and Asia, Brahm writes a weekly column in Hong Kong’s ’South China Morning Post’.
He is viewed by many as a barometer of China s economic and political environment.
Since 2002, Brahm has devoted most of his time to producing and directing a series of film features and documentaries featuring Tibet.
During this time, he wrote a series of travelogues which includes ’Searching for Shangri-la’, ’Road to Shambhala’, and ’New Age Sutra’.
In 2005, he established the Shambhala Foundation.
Shambhala Foundation promotes ethnic diversity and supports culturally sustainable development models that include monastery restoration, construction of schools, developing medical clinics, as well as entrepreneurial training in the Tibetan regions of western China.


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