Radio Transmitters

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Radio Transmitters / Laurence Gray, Richard Graham. -
New York ; Toronto ; London : McGraw-Hill Company, 1961. -
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There is a wealth of published information covering the circuitry used in radio transmitters.
Similarly there are a number of books devoted entirely to the subject of modulation, oscillators, measurements, etc.
However, there has been a lack of books which present the transmitter engineer or operator with a comprehensive discussion of those areas which are of immediate interest to him, and which are arranged to present this material from the II transmitter˝ viewpoint.
It is the purpose of this book to collate this material which is of particular interest to transmitter design engineers and which will be useful to those engaged in transmitter operation and maintenance.
Certain portions should also be of interest to the advanced amateur.
It is assumed that the reader has at least attained the necessary knowledge required to obtain a eommercial operator’s license.
Therefore no attempt has been made to go into the elementary principles of eleetricity.
Conversely, the book does not give mathematical derivations of the equations presented throughout the text.
The general scope of the work does not permit this.
Rather the book is intended to present a practical analysis of transmitter operation in all its various phases, together with usable information pertaining to specific problems in transmitter operation.

Thus for those whose problems demand a more complete analysis or additional mathematical support, the reference lists provided at the end of each chapter will indicate additional source material.
The analysis of transmitter operation has been developed by first grouping and discussing circuits and components common to all transmitting equipment.
Chapter 12 is devoted to the discussion of the particular charaeteristics of transmitters in specific services.
Measurement techniques particularly applicable to transmitters are described in Chap. 13, and finally a brief summary of hazards associated with transmitters is given in Chap. 14.
We wish to thank the many manufacturers and organizations who contributed material.
We also wish to thank ITT Laboratories for permission to include some previously unpublished material.
Acknowledgment of the sources of illustrations has been given individually.
We are appreciative of the many valuable suggestions and criticisms made by W. Glomb, A. L. Gray, W. Jacobus, R. McSweeny, A. H. Morgan, J. R. Popkin-Clurman, Dr. H. P. Schwan, and W. Sichak.

Laurence Gray
Richard Graham

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