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[Don’t: a manual of mistakes & improperieties more or less prevalent in conduct & speech.

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[Don’t: a manual of mistakes & improperieties more or less prevalent in conduct & speech. / By Censor. -
London : Ward, Lock & Co., [1884]. -
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64 p. ; 18 cm. -
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IT’ so happens that most of the rules of society are prohibitory in character.
This fact suggested the negative form adopted in this little book, and permitted the various injunctions to be expressed in a sententious and emphatic manner.

Many of the rules here given are necessarily drawn from established authorities, but a considerable number of them are the result of the compilers personal observation and experience.

There are some persons, no doubt, who will condemn many things here said as unnecessary, because generally known. It was necessary to include familiar rules in order to give completeness to the list; but any one who carefully observes will find th at nearly every rule given is frequently violated by persons of at least good social standing.
Other critics may condemn some of the injunctions as over-nice.
All that can be said to these persons is, that everyone has the lawful right to determine for himself at what point below the highest point he is content to let his social culture stop.

The plan of the book does not include questions of etiquette, except incidentally.
There are various volumes that set forth all the details of receiving visitors and making visits, of parties, of dinners, of card sending and receiving, etc., to which those interested are referred.


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