Lecture on aims and tasks of the League of Nations [held in the premises...

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Lecture on aims and tasks of the League of Nations [held in the premises of the Chamber of Commerce and Trade in Zagreb, the 25the October 1929(according to shorthand notes). -]
Zagreb : Printing office of the foundations of Narodne novine, 1929. -
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Ladies and Gentlemen!

All phenomenons in the history of man, every proces of creation and decay as well as, all historical personalities, will be easyer to judge, if we leave this judgement for the moment when construction or destruction has been completed.
It is a very old understanding, to judge each creation or appearance in this world at completion, for the simple reason that elapsed time makes us more objective critisisers or judges of events or people.
Our judgement of our contemporaries and of contemporary hapenings is generaly influenced by predisposition, which on the other hand makes us influenced and unfair judges.
Only things happened quite some time back, can be judged by us without prejudice and even so only, if we have sufficient strength to reach the hights of objective contemplation and then, like a roamer looking backwards at the past, remember all phases, curves and bendings of the path.

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