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Can Xue

Can Xue
Rođenje: 30.05.1953. Wikipedia
(Changsha, Hunan Province, CHN)
Opis:Kineska autorica

Can Xue,ne Deng Xiaohua , is a Chinese avant-garde fiction writer, literary critic, and tailor.
She was born May 30, 1953 in Changsha, Hunan, China.
Her family was severely persecuted following her father being labeled an ultra-rightist in the Anti-rightist Movement of 1957.
Her writing, which consists mostly of short fiction, breaks with the realism of earlier modern Chinese writers.
She has also written novels, novellas, and literary criticisms of the work of Dante, Jorge Luis Borges, and Franz Kafka.
Many of her fictional works have been translated and published in English.

Can Xue was born in 1953 in Changsha, Hunan Province, China.
Her early life was marked by a series of tragic hardships which influenced the direction of her work.
She was one of six children born to a man who was once the editor-in-chief of the New Hunan Daily ( Xin Hnn Ribao).
Her parents, like many intellectuals at the time, were labeled as ultra-rightists in the Anti-rightist Movement of 1957.
Her father was sent to the countryside for two years in retribution for allegedly leading an anti-Communist Party group at the paper.
Two years later the entire family was evicted from the company housing at the paper and moved to a tiny hut below Yuelu Mountain, on the rural outskirts of Changsha.
In the years that followed, the family suffered greatly under further persecution.
Her father was jailed, and her mother was sent along with her two brothers to the countryside for re-education through labor.
Can Xue was allowed to remain in the city because of her poor health.
After being forced to leave the small hut, she lived alone in a small, dark room under a staircase.
By the time of the Cultural Revolution, Can Xue was thirteen years old.
Her formal education was permanently disrupted after completing primary school.

Can Xue describes the horrors of her youth in detail in her memoirs titled A Summer Day in the Beautiful South which is included as the foreword to her short story collection Dialogues in Paradise.
Throughout this period, her entire family struggled along on the verge of death. Her grandmother, who raised her while her parents were gone, soon succumbed to hunger and fatigue, dying with severe edema, a grotesque swelling condition.
While the family was forced to scavenge food, eventually eating all of the wool clothes in the house, Can Xue contracted a severe case of tuberculosis.

Later she was able to find work as a metalworker.
Ten years later, in 1980, after giving birth to her first son she quit work at the factory.
She and her husband then started a small tailoring business at home after teaching themselves to sew.
She began writing in 1983 and published her first short story in 1985

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