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Leonard Feldman

Leonard Feldman
Rođen: 21.02.1927. Wikipedia
(Chicago, US)
Umro: 14.02.1994.

Leonard Feldman, a graduate of the Collge of the City of New York, is a well-known author and lecturer in the high-fideiity field.
He nas written several books, as well as numerous articles on audio and frequency modulation.
Mr. Feldman was a participant in the FCC field i.ripls that resulted in the approved system of fm stereo broadcasting.
He now operates his own consulting engineering firm, serving many high-fidelity manufacturers in the United States and abroad.
He is also active in 4-channel sound (quadrasonic) developments and is the co-inventor of a matrix 4-channel system.
He is a member of the IEEE and the Audio Engineering Society and the author of the popular SAMS books HI-Fi Protects for the Hobbyist and FM From Antenna to Audio.

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