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Rođen: 03.04.1967. Wikipedia
(Paris, FRA)
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Mathieu Kassovitz (born 3 April 1967) is a French director, screenwriter, producer and actor, best known for his Cannes-winning drama La Haine.
Kassovitz is also the founder of MNP Entreprise, a film production company.

Kassovitz was born in Paris, the son of Chantal Rémy, a film editor, and Peter Kassovitz, a director and writer.
His mother is French and Catholic and his father is a Hungarian Jew who left Hungary during the Hungarian Revolution of 1956[2] (Mathieu Kassovitz has described himself as ½not Jewish but I was brought up in a world of Jewish humor½).

Kassovitz was married to French ex-actress Julie Mauduech, whom he directed and acted alongside with in his 1993 film Métisse (Café au lait, English title) and who made a brief appearance in La Haine (during the scene in the Parisian art gallery).
They have a daughter, Carmen.
Mauduech is now a costume designer for films.

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