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Yvonne Galligan

Yvonne Galligan
Izvor:Queens University Belfast

Professor Yvonne Galligan
(PhD Dublin, Trinity)

Director, University’s Gender Initiative
Director, Centre for the Advancement of Women in Politics
Director of Research (Governance and Public Policy)
Director: MA Gender and Society

Teaching areas:

I teach primarily in the area of gender politics, with a particular focus on gender politics in the EU, the UK and Ireland.
I convene the third year module Women and Politics.
I also convene and co-ordinate the MA in Gender and Society.
I also teach Irish politics in a comparative context, and contribute to the Skills and Methods course.

Research interests:

My primary research interest is in gender politics.
Within that broad framework, I research on candidate selection, electoral systems, party systems and comparative studies.
My current research focus is on how gender fares under conditions of multi-level governance, with the European Union providing the context for the study of this subject.
I lead a multi-disciplinary research team on a project ‘Justice, Democracy and Gender’ as part of an international collaborative project funded by FP7, Reconstituting Democracy in Europe.
The website for this project is and that of my research team is
As Director of the Centre for Advancement of Women in Politics, I engage in many other research and research-related activities.
Since founding CAWP in 2000, I have sought to develop it into the premier site of research on gender politics across the UK and Ireland.
The CAWP website can be viewed at
Having spent a year as a Fulbright Scholar at the Women & Politics Institute, American University, Washington DC, I am currently an Adjunct Associate Professor at AU and contribute to its gender research programme in American and global politics.

My research interests have also led me to edit the prestigious International Political Science Review, the journal of the International Political Science Association.
The journal can be accessed through

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