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Information graphics [innovative solutions in contemporary design]

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Information graphics [innovative solutions in contemporary design] / Peter Wildbur and Michael Burke. -
New York : Thames and Hudson, 1998. -
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176 p. : ill. (some col.), maps ; 26 cm. -
Includes bibliographical references (p. 168-170) and index.

Innovative Solutions in Contemporary Design
The organization and presentation of information is one of the most important but least recognized aspects of the design profession.
Whether faced with masses of material, sophisticated sign systems or making the complex appear simple, designers must make information accessible and available to everyone.
More visible than the work of any other kind of graphic artist, information graphics are all around us - but how do designers arrive at such elegant and useful solutions to complicated problems?
Covering a broad spectrum of material, from transportation systems and body-imaging maps to sign systems, from electronics manuals and personal information-manager (pim) interfaces to three-dimensional rendering, Information Graphics presents an international selection of the best examples of designs that make cities and businesses function smoothly.
The best contemporary work is featured, including designs by such masters as Erik Spiekermann of MetaDesign in Germany, Richard Saul Wurman in the United States and Hiroyuki Kimura ofTube Graphics in Japan.
Each project includes detailed commentary on how the design came to be, how it responded to the client’s needs and why it works.
Within each chapter, case studies examine a single project in depth, from the client’s initial request to the finished product.
Instructive and informative, many of the examples presented here are destined to become classics of their kind.
An invaluable sourcebook for students and an essential guide to creating the most successful designs for the professional, Information Graphics will become the standard work on this crucial aspect of design practice.
With 300 color illustrations

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