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How to Build Hazeltine’s Neutrodyne Circuit Radio receiver

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How to Build Hazeltine’s Neutrodyne Circuit Radio receiver / Kimball Houton Stark. -
Fourth edition
New York : F. A. D. Andrea, 1923. -
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the most important development in radio engineering in recent years is the introduction of the ˝Neutrodyne˝ receiving and amplifying circuit.
For the first time really efficient radio frequency amplification is possible.
Technically the ˝Neutrodyne˝ circuit neut ralizes the inherent coupling capacities of both the vacuum tubes and their asoociated circuits.
This eliminates distorting regeneration. local re-radiation and other radio receiver circuit disadvantages.
The ˝Neutrodyne˝ circuit is the result of several years research work by Professor L. A. Hazeltine, Professor of Electrical Engineering at Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken. N. J.
Professor Hazeltine is one of the world’s noted consulting radio engineers.
His work in radio hall been of great value to the art, and a fitting addition to his achievements is the development of the ˝Neutrodyne˝ circuit.
The American Institute of Electrical Engeneers Professor making member. have honored Hazeltine by him a Fellow member.
Professor Hazeltine is also a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and a Fellow member of the Institute of Radio Engineers.
Eminent authorities are of the opinion that the Hazeltine ˝Neutrodyne˝ circuit will revolutionize radio broadcast reception.

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