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An Introducion to Television

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An Introducion to Television / C. J. Hylander and Robert Harding. -
New York : The Macmillan Company, 1941. -
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207 str. : ilustr ; 24 cm
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Index: str. 205.


In 1923 a Scotch inventor projected televised shadows on a screen.
Two years later a Washington, D. C., inventor broadcast television silhouette pictures.
Five years later American Telephone and Telegraph Company, Bell Telephone Laboratories, and Radio Corporation of America seriously set research workers to tackle the problem of television.
In that same year a television drama was broadcast from station WGY.
And then, as dozens of trained technicians, with the resources of well-equipped laboratories at their disposal, wrestled with the obstacles which lay in the path of this infant in the family of electrical communication, a surprised world suddenly became aware of television.
In 1939—only sixteen years after the first practical demonstration that television was possible—Radio Corporation of America telecast the opening of the New York World’s Fair, the first American broadcast by television of a moving outdoor scene which was truly beyond the experimental stage.

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