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The Business of Sport Management

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The Business of Sport Management / John Beech, Simon Chadwick
Prentice Hall, 2004.
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493 str. ; 24 cm. -
The business of sport management, Zastupljeni autori: Lan Henry, Ping Chao Lee, Chris Parker, Alan Barnard, John Old, Terence Wendell Brathwaite, Malcolm Sullivan, Bill Gerrard, Cameron O’Beirne, Chris Parker, Terry Byers,
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The two co-editors of The Business of Sport Management have each been teaching sport management for over a decade, in various universities in the United Kingdom.
During that time there have been tremendous advances in the extent and nature of both teaching and learning in this area.
A decade ago, sport management was an area that a few academics were beginning to enter from the perspective of business and management.
Others were also entering the area from the worlds of sociology and sports science.
While today there are large numbers of students graduating with degrees in sport management, few senior academics can claim to have spent their working life exclusively in that area.
As a result, core texts tend to have a subtext that betrays the author’s ‘home’ discipline.
It became clear to the co-editors that no core text existed which they felt they could whole-heartedly recommend to students.
That is not to say that there was nothing available that they felt they could recommend, merely that the available texts were either too lacking in basic management theory, or were too restricted in the business theory that they covered.
The underlying aim of this book is to fill that gap.

The main objective of this book is to provide an introduction to key aspects of sport management for both undergraduate and postgraduate students.
The book will also serve as a useful resource for staff involved in teaching on sport-related modules and programmes, and for practitioners working as managers of sport businesses.

The book consists of nineteen chapters which are split into three parts: context, business functions and management issues.
The rationale for this structure is a reflection of the underlying aim outlined above.

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