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Reflex Radio Receivers

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Reflex Radio Receivers / P. E. Edelman. -
Mew York City : ; E. I. Company, 1924. -
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51 str [9] : illustr. ; 20 cm. -
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The growing popularity of reflex types of broadcast receivers is due to the efficient use of fewer vacuum tubes than equivalent outfits of different character require.
The reflex principle was proposed by Schloemilch and Von Bronk in their U. S. Patent of 1914 in practicable form using one tube, and by the French engineer, Latour in 1917 in a form suitable for use with several tubes with careful adjustments.
While theoretically, three tubes should do the work of six, the best approximations of commercial types of reflex sets are not always duplicated by the home radio set constructor unless the methods of proportioning the circuits eliminating howls, and obtaining correct time relation of the tube inputs, are understood.

In this book, the necessary theoretical considerations are simply explained, with practical working examples suited to the needs of the home radio set constructor who wants the most in results for the least initial cost and upkeep.
Reflex operation with the use of dry cell tubes is also set forth.

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