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FM multiplexing for stereo

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FM multiplexing for stereo / Leonard Feldman. -
Third edition, second printing
Indianapolos ; Kansas City ; New York : Howard W. Sams and CO, 1973. -
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176 str : ilustr. sheme, tablice ; 22 cm
Digitalizirana knjiga - Izvornik u knjižnici POINT d.o.o. Varaždin.

The continued popularity of fm broadcasting leads many interested technicians, audiophiles, and laymen to ask such basic questions as:
How are stereo broadcasts different from other fm broadcasts? What type of equipment is needed for stereo?
What is multiplexing? How does it work? What new servicing problems will be encountered?
These questions and many others like; them are answered in this book.
The author starts in Chapter 1 with an analysis of the fm stereo signal and follows in Chapter 2 with some of the requirements for fm stereo receivers.
These include such topics as sensitivity, de-emphasis, and frequency response of demodulators.
Chapter 3 discusses multiplex decoder circuits and Chapter 4 discusses such refinements and convenience features as stereo indicator lights and automatic stereo switching.
Chapter 5 takes up the servicing of multiplex circuits.
Test equipment and alignment procodures are discussed in Chapter 6.
A number of multiplex circuits by various manufacturers are covered in Chapter 7.
This chapter contains several new models not covered in the earlier editions of the book.

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