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The Rolling Stones - In the Park [dokumentarni film]

AV građa, video - DVD Vrsta gradje
The Rolling Stones - In the Park [dokumentarni film] / [redatelji i producenti Jo Durden-Smith, Leslie Woodhead]. -
Zagreb : Net d.o.o. ; Split : Slobodna Dalmacija, 2006. -
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1 optički video disk (DVD)(55 min) : u bojama, dolby digital
Titlano na hrvatski. -

On July 5, 1969, the Rolling Stones took to the stage in London’s Hyde Park for what would be a very significant date in their history.
They’ve released a DVD of the television broadcast from that show, which was originally called The Stones in the Park, as Hyde Park 1969.

The concert was not only the band’s first public concert in over two years, but it was also the first with new guitarist Mick Taylor, who had just replaced founder Brian Jones one month earlier.
To add weight to the situation, Jones was found dead just two days before this concert.

It was also significant in the size of the crowd, which was estimated at somewhere just under 500,000.
Hyde Park was over a month prior to Woodstock, and close to five months before Altamont would cast its shadow over the group.

This release comes to fans thanks to the band’s ongoing From the Vault series.
What we have here is a sort of mini-documentary of this landmark rock and roll event.
Bootlegs have made the rounds over the years, and there was a previous legit release, but this is the finest presentation of it to date.

On the plus side, the audio and video have been remastered to the best yet available.
Though the Stones turn in a suitably ragged performance, it’s a thrill to watch the young Mick Taylor try to slide into his new role.
With nothing but love and respect for Brian (or Ron Wood for that matter), Taylor is the finest guitarist the band has ever known.
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